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Travel Sickness Remedies
Travel Sickness Remedies
Travel Sickness Remedies
Travel Sickness on land, sea and air
Don't worry you are not alone
It is estimated that over 20 million people suffer in the UK, when travelling by car, during ferry crossings, the first few days on a cruise or if the wind reaches force five and above, on a plane in turbulent conditions or on a coach , bus or train. More than half the children aged 3-12 suffer to say nothing of the many weekend sailors and motor boat enthusiasts together with those who go deep sea fishing.
Ginger is a safe and natural remedy
Ginger has long been recognised as a completely safe, natural remedy for nausea and sickness by practically everyone responsible for our care and wellbeing with the majority recommending ginger biscuits as an excellent way of consuming the ginger.
Queezibics come to the rescue!
Unfortunately they haven’t realised that ordinary ginger biscuits on sale in the shops today do not contain nearly enough ginger to be effective, in fact research studies show that you would need to eat as many as twenty ginger nuts to consume enough ginger! Which is where Queezibics have come to the rescue!
Travel Sickness Treatment
Trave; Sickness Treatments       
Travel Sickness Remedy Travel Sickness Remedy Travel Sickness Remedy Travel Sickness Remedy
Travel Sickness Treatments For an enjoyable and trouble free journey
Travel Sickness Treatments Special formulated biscuits to prevent travel sickness
Sea Sickness Treatments Safe and natural remedy that actually works
Sea Sickness Treatments Packed in handy keep fresh twin pack sachets
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