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Travel Sickness Remedies
Travel Sickness Remedies
Travel Sickness Remedies
Motion (travel) sickness on land, sea and in air

Health care professionals and others involved in our care and wellbeing have for generations recommended the use of ginger and ginger biscuits in particular to prevent or relieve a variety of conditions one of them being travel sickness.
It is now widely recognised, thanks to Queezibics, that ordinary ginger biscuits do not contain nearly enough ginger to be effective. In fact research studies conducted in the USA, Australia and Sweden show that only Queezibics contain the right quantity of ginger. Hardly surprising because Queezibics are specially formulated in accordance with research findings and ordinary biscuits are not!

Travel Sickness Remedies
"Tens of thousands of passengers travelling on all the leading ferries have benefitted from the fast acting relief of Queezibics"
Travel Sickness Remedies  
Compared with other remedies
Queezibics compared with other remedies or medications are particularly good because they perform two essential functions, as a food and as a conveyor of the ginger which suppresses the nausea. Eating is an important element in combating travel sickness. Unlike medications they are non drowsy with absolutely no side effects, can be taken without worrying about other medications and are not complicated like wrist bands that work for some and not others. They are particularly welcomed by children who tend to resist taking medications and who find wrist bands irritating and remove them.
Relief from sickness
Natural relief from travel sickness wherever you are, packed in handy keep fresh packets which can be popped into your bag.
Specially formulated biscuits
Queezibics are specially formulated in accordance with research findings containing the right amount of ginger in each twin pack sachet needed to prevent travel sickness or settle a queasy stomach.
Only Queezibics are specially formulated to prevent travel sickness and settle queasy stomachs
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